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Markup Over House Piracy Bill Adjourns after Marathon Debate

SOPA “will likely head to the floor for a vote early next year;

Full Committee Markup of H.R. 3261, “Stop Online Piracy Act”

Includes Webcasts, Transcripts and Explanation of Amendments Proposed

The Latest From The SOPA Soap Opera

Resources to help "pierce through the rhetoric"

OPEN Act Available for Comment Online; Opponents of SOPA Continue to Warn Against Unintended Consequences

"Interactive webpage lets users share their thoughts on SOPA’s chief competition "

Taking The Shrill Out Of The SOPA Piracy Debate

"Any real progress in the piracy debates will ultimately require a shift not just in substance but in tone"

The OPEN Act: Significantly Flawed But More Salvageable Than SOPA/PROTECT-IP

"The OPEN bill tries hard to minimize overbreadth by narrowly defining the targeted websites"


Miomni Delivers New Online Video Publishing Model For 'Fishing TV'

"The syndicate sites act effectively as Fishing TV’s distribution network for its content"

Google and Bing Fight off ‘Content Farms’ in Effort to Improve Online Searches

"Sites that contained lists of generic tips…had disappeared by August"

Simple-to-Use Paywall System Signs First Publishers

"Publishers have a flexible range of customised options for charging for their content"

Goldman Sachs Resumes Demand Media (DMD) at Neutral

"The company is in the process of refocusing its core content creation business"

GamerLive.TV Signs Content Syndication Partnership with Tribune Media Services

"Syndicating our multimedia content…is a key strategy as we seek to extend our content, brand reach and revenue"

Louis C.K.’s Downloadable Comedy Special Earning Big Bucks

"I think we can safely say that the experiment really worked"

Anschutz's in content deal with CBS Local Digital Media

"Exclusive editorial posts...[will appear] on select CBS Local websites"

Pontiflex/Harris Survey: Incentive And Video Ads Turn Off Mobile Users

"Incentive-based ads...are giving little in the way of consumer use or loyalty"

Judge Allows Auction Of Righthaven Copyright Assets

"Righthaven has so far seemed to have nine lives in the court system"

Yahoo Denies Infringing Singapore Press Holdings’ Copyright, Countersues

"Copyright law does not protect facts and information"

Latest Google Algorithm Prompts Dealer Website Review

"Any content added should be unique and not copied from existing sites"

Google Launches 'Currents' Content for Wireless Devices

"Reflects a partnership with more than 150 publishers to offer articles from the likes of CNET and Forbes"

Netshelter Launches New RSS-Style Ad Format For Blogs

"These are just the summaries directing people back to the original stories"

Navx Demands €23m Damages from Google

"We expect to win and set a legal precedent"

Chicago Sun-Times Papers Add Metered Paywalls—But Not For Roger Ebert

Critic has said: "I would hate for my reviews to go behind a paywall"

Demand Media: We’re ‘Agnostic To’ Where Consumers Find Our Content

"We think about the web in this open, federated way"

Netflix Looks Toward Original Content, Competition With HBO Go

"HBO is becoming more Netflix-like and we are becoming more HBO-like"

Celeb Photo Agency Sues Gossip Site

"A coordinated scheme to undermine the copyright laws… gaining significant traffic to their website"

It's Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley in Battle Over Online Piracy Bill

"These rogue sites threaten millions of American jobs"

Web Spinners: Internet Giants’ Political Edge

"SOPA is just an old fashioned Washington battle between two entrenched corporate camps"

One Pressing Question For Time Inc’s Lang: What To Do About Apple

"Whether Time Inc. should accept Apple’s terms and sell subscriptions to its digital magazine apps"

Opponents to Digital Piracy Bills Float Alternative

"The current bills go too far"

Yahoo Deletes 75,000 Associated Content Articles, Moves Rest To New Yahoo Voices Site

"Older content that does not meet these standards will be…returned to the original author for editing"


Expect Some Toning Down of Antipiracy Bills, Says Movie Industry Supporter

"There are lots of hurdles to be overcome"

Controversy Surrounds Stop Online Piracy Act as Mark-Up Approaches

Rep. Smith is “open to changes, but only legitimate changes"

Microsoft, Google Groups Warn EU on Overly Strict Privacy Rules

"Claiming they would harm technology development in the region"

John Wiley Takes Piracy Matters Serious

"John Wiley title...was illegally downloaded as many as 74,000 times since 2010"

Power To The People: ISPs, Media, Users Face Off In EU Legal Triple-Whammy

"A series of legal actions point to host of new rights for private individuals"

British Retailer HMV to Enter On-Demand Movie Market Place

"The time is right to include a digital service into our own offer"

Online Ad Targeting Will Aid Political Agendas

"Ads will be served to voters…based on their ZIP code” "

Tech Talk Podcast: Great Big Privacy Buttons

"Some companies are trying out their own methods to give Web surfers more control"

Penguin Pulls Library E-Books Over Security

"We ask that [Penguin] deal with Amazon directly and not hold libraries hostage to a conflict of business models"

For the First Time, The Atlantic’s Online Ad Revenue Exceeds Print

"While this digital trend exists at other magazines, The Atlantic got there much faster"

Why Is Lawrence Lessig MIA In The Great SOPA Piracy Debate?

"He is sitting on the sidelines when he could be providing invaluable tactical and intellectual guidance"

The Twilight of Copyright?

"One can’t help but think some of the critics are simply serving as apologists"

At 154, a Digital Milestone

"Digital advertising revenue exceeded print advertising revenue for the first time"

Brand Impact Online: New Thinking Inside The Box

"Someday most people will consume their video content over the web"

Updated: Newsstand’s Few Early Adopters Have Stolen A March On Laggards

"Those who have not moved...have seen declines in downloads relative to other publishers"

Syndicating Content for SEO Benefit

"The key to creating useful content is to look for issues your customers are already telling you about"

Google's Sticking With a New Controversial Search Tweak

User response: 'It's super annoying'

SIM-based NFC Gains Global Support from 45 Mobile Carriers, All Huddled Around GSMA's Standard

"The practice is about to become a whole lot more common"

Zuora Raises $36 Million to Expand Subscription Billing Services

"I have been amazed at the execution and pace of innovation"

Chris Witting Releases New Book 'Syndication Nation'

"Being called the first-ever guide to content syndication in all major media"

How The Stop Online Piracy Act Will Kill Innovation

"The legislation is vaguely written and over-broad"

Video Ad Networks BrightRoll, YuMe Raise New Millions

" to manage 2.25 billion video ads per month"

House Holds One-Sided Hearing on Piracy Bill

"We have no technical expertise on this panel today"

ShopCity Files Antitrust Complaint Against Google

ShopCity: "The entire marketplace would benefit from increased transparency from the world’s most powerful company"

Authors Guild Calls Kindle Owners' Lending Library 'Breach of Contract'

"It is difficult to see how this program is in the best interests of our clients"

Conde Nast Partners with AdMeld in Private Digital Ad Exchange

"It would never be used for print"

Nook Newsstand Getting Condé Nast Publications (except Vogue)

Vogue should be coming in early 2012

Siri’s Sibling Trapit Tackles Web Discovery But Will it Work for You?

"If Trapit can crack the discovery and personalisation nut, they have a bright future ahead of them"

Sponsor Of Piracy Bill: Legit Companies ‘Have Nothing To Worry About’

Is it "the end of the Internet" or a "patriotic anti crime measure?"

Google Friends Facebook Against Hollywood-Backed Piracy Bill

"We are concerned that these measures pose a serious risk to our industry’s continued track record of...job-creation"

Big Underdogs Form Display Ad Alliance

"As part of the deal, advertisers can approach one company to buy from any of the three"

'Adweek' Launches Self-Serve Ad Platform

"We should constantly be investigating and even experimenting with new digital ad models"

AP Launches High Definition Entertainment News Service

"A major milestone in AP’s video business upgrade"  

Romenesko’s Posts Now Toast

"The whole post seemed like an answer in search of a problem"  

Spotify To Sell Digital Content in Stores

"Imitating iTunes Store’s tangible gift cards"  

Razorfish: Ad Exchanges Are Becoming The Industry Standard

"Razorfish spent 25 percent more on online ad spending in 2011 over 2010"  

BBC Proposes More Flexibility for VOD Syndication

"Circumstances may occasionally arise that justify special arrangements"  

AOL Editions Magazine App for iPad Expands Globally

"Aims to create a personalized reading and news experience for users"  

Video Ads Landgrab: Adconion, Blinkx Buy Smartclip, PVMG

"We’re seeing the same market evolution in video inventory that we experienced in premium display several years ago"  

News Aggregator Wins Right to Appeal in Online Copyright Case

"We think it's a fundamental issue that goes much further than the PR industry or newspaper industry"  

Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Strike Ad Alliance

"We're not reducing competition in any way, shape or form"  

Demand Media's Q3 Revenue and Pageview Growth Looks Fine

"Nowhere in the company's Q3 press release, however, can one find...anything...that might normally describe the cost of paying thousands of people to write and edit posts"  

Google Expands DoubleClick Inventory from Mobile Web To Apps

"This announcement has less to do with any one platform and more with the natural growth of the media universe"  

Google+ to Brands: 'We Were Rude'

"We didn’t anticipate this much interest this fast"  

New Questions, Concerns About Kindle’s Lending Library—What About Authors?

"Why don’t authors get to decide whether their books will be included?"

@ pcE11: Tercek: The Content is The Container

"Every successful business on the web is a marketplace of some sort"

AOL Falls to 3Q Loss on Turnaround Charges

"The revenue’s decline was AOL’s lowest in five years"

White House: Don't Blame Us for Software Patents

"It's important to note that the executive branch doesn't set the boundaries of what is patentable all by itself "

Adobe Acquires Auditude to Capitalize on Exploding Video Advertising Opportunity

"Adobe can now offer an unparalleled platform for authoring, distributing, analyzing and monetizing digital video experiences"


Video Ad Gains Are Still Impressive, But Hurdles to Higher Growth Persist

"Online video represents just 7 percent of all online ad spending"

Cox Digital Solutions Partners With AppNexus to Launch CDS Connect

"The launch of CDS Connect shows Cox Digital Solutions' commitment to helping its valued publishers maximize revenue"

Will People Pay For Licenses to Share Content Via Apps?

"We’re finding new and more valuable types of rights as we went from analog to digital"

Nielsen: 48% of Americans Watch Online Video

"Subscription shifts underscore that Americans are putting a new emphasis on broadband"

Google's Earnings Spotlight its Antitrust Liabilities

"Google is rapidly consolidating its monopoly position"

Technology to Stop Click Fraud

"Click fraud is so widespread that it costs advertisers millions of dollars in inflated Internet advertising costs each year"

Thanks to Panda, Content Farms Start Harvesting Less Content

"We want to be sure we are building on what already exists, not replicating it"

Marketers Spending Big on 'Social Ads' That Drive Traffic to Facebook

"Social destinations are really becoming a focal point in terms of where CPG ads click through to"

Google Updates its Panda Search Engine Algorithm

"We're continuing to iterate on our Panda algorithm as part of our commitment to returning high-quality sites to Google users"

Google Takes Page From Sunday Newspaper With New ‘Circulars’ Ads

"Craft the promotions based on factors such as query topics and the location of users"


Who Is the Social Gamer?

"They’re open to advertising and they’re okay with viewing in-game ads to earn virtual currency"

IAB: Online Ad Spending In the First Half Rose 23 Percent

"Display accounted for 37 percent of all interactive spend in the first half of 2011" Lays Off Two-Thirds of Editorial Staff

"They’ve got to refigure out how to do business or they’re gone"

A Twist in Google's Algorithm: Standout Stories

"News organizations can now add "standout" metadata tags to stories they're proudest of"

Google Ad Rate for Microsoft Said to Be Under U.S. Investigation

"Allegations could be used to help the FTC build a case showing that Google abused its power"

Google’s Competitors Square Off Against Its Leader

Google: "Senator, I can assure we haven’t cooked anything"

Google Faces Antitrust Glare on Capitol Hill

"Why [is Google] pushing entire categories of successful popular sites to the bottom or off the page?"


ICSC Announces New Board, Future Initiatives

The ICSC has formalized its structure with the naming of a board of directors

Consumers More Accepting of Ads in Online Video

"When users view full episodic content...94 percent will watch a standard ad break"

Google Report: Display Engagement Flat Despite Rise of Rich Media

"Web users simply do not click on display ads"

Consumers Are Getting Savvier About Behavioral Targeting

"As this awareness continues to grow it is likely so will the sentiment to keep things as private"

Outsourcing Content Post Panda Update 2.3

"We are finding that pages with 500-600 words jumped the most post Panda 2.3"

JULY 2011

Regulators Still Pressing for Do-Not-Track Standards

"We're not even close to an industry wide standard"

Burning Question: Should I Use My Browser's Do-Not-Track Setting?

"Google has balked at adding the feature"

'Do Not Track' Challenges Tech Industry

Industry leaders argue that many consumers like targeted ads since they deliver personalized pitches that people may want

Start-Up Ensighten Aims to Let Websites Enforce 'Do Not Track'

May just take the decision out of advertising companies’ hands

Yahoo Revenue Plunges Despite Surge in Online Advertising

EMarketer predicts Facebook will overtake Yahoo in the U.S. market for online display ads

Anti-Piracy Bill Could Hurt Online Advertising

"Proposed law would require...advertisers to stop doing business with sites that content owners allege are dedicated to infringement"

What is your opinion of web content syndication as it applies to content monetization? Do you feel there’s anything there?

A Linked In discussion regarding Web Content Syndication; ICSC Whitepaper is mentioned at one point.

Information on S.968 (Anti-Privacy Bill)

Further information on the Anti-Privacy Bill

Press Releases

August 2011
ICSC Announces New Board and Structure; Group to Tackle A Strong Expansion Initiative

November 2010
In Fight Against Internet Deterioration, Council Offers Guidelines

October 2009
Creation and Funding of Content Is Focus of First Internet Content Syndication Conference

November 2008
First Edition of Definitive Study on Syndication Value Placed in Procter & Gamble's Corporate Archives

September 2008
"Syndication Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" Focus of Blue Ribbon Panel During New York's Advertising Week

May 2008
Internet Content Syndication Council Issues White Paper at AAAA

April 2008
Internet Content Syndication Council Adds to Member Roster

October 2007
Internet Content Syndication Council Formed