Internet Content Sydication Counsil



Mission of the ICSC

Founded in October 2007, the mission of the Internet Content Syndication Council (ICSC) is to promote the growth of the
internet content syndication industry by improving the understanding of both the unique niche formed by this newly evolving industry and its impact on the advertising, media, creative and consumer communities.

What is Internet Content Syndication

Internet Content Syndication is the controlled placement of the same content on multiple partnering Internet destinations.
"Controlled placement" signifies it is the content itself that is placed on the destination sites. In this online marketing business model, the content’s destinations and placements are selected by the content owner or its syndication agent so as to maximize the content’s exposure to desired audiences.

ICSC Activities


The ICSC represents the voice of a new industry that is creating new forms of marketing and advertising within the global internet community.

The ICSC seeks to increase the awareness of the Internet Content Syndication industry by:

  • Increasing an overall awareness of the Internet Content Syndication industry.

  • Promoting content syndication as an effective and efficient model of online marketing.

  • Maintaining a robust and diverse ICSC membership.

  • Serving as the unified, public voice for this segment of the online marketing industry

To further our goals, the ICSC works to:

  • Educate its members about  regulatory and legislative matters

  • Provide authoritative information to online marketers and other key audiences to afford them a full understanding of the differences between content syndication and other forms of marketing strategies that currently exist on the Internet

  • Heighten awareness of current developments involving this new, evolving industry

  • Provide statistical information regarding the metrics of the industry

  • Provide news updates through both newsletters and position and research papers